‘AP Thailand’ takes offensive in luxury home in 2nd half Unveils new brand ‘THE SONNE’ as new unique introduction to luxury duplex home

· Reinforces leadership in creating and delivering quality products to meet needs in every stage of life with offering of 3-storey luxury duplex home under ‘THE SONNE’ brand as the first flagship development in Srinakarin-Bangna area

· First ever development with ultimate Multi-Façade design where all homes come with distinguished beauty and integration of new space innovation and future-world safety to support true co-living of ‘Cross-Generations’

· All smiles as presales grow against trend topping Bht 24,060 million in first 7 months with low-rise presales contributing Bht 14,000 million; a weekly average of Bht 451 million, which was far better than protected growth.

Bangkok (20 Aug 19) – AP (Thailand), the leader in the creation of housing innovation for urbanites, is confident that demand for low-rise products in the second half of the year will continue to grow. In the third quarter, the company will reveal its highlight as it prepares to take the offensive to tap into demand for luxury duplex housing among new-generation urban families under a strategy to stay for a long battle. With a fully-loaded low-rise portfolio to meet the needs of consumers in every segment, the company is set to launch a new brand called ‘THE SONNE Srinakarin-Bangna’. Valued at Bht 630 million, THE SONNE is the prototype of AP’s 3-storey luxury duplex home, made to be distinguished with a combination of timeless architectural beauty and a new format of space design that supports sustainable cross-generational co-living. With only 56 units available, THE SONNE is offered for a price from Bht 12-15 million. Official sale opening is scheduled for 7-8 September. The company says it is growing on a solid footing with presales of up to Bht 24,060 million in the first 7 months of the year.

Mr. Pamorn Prasertsan, Chief Business Group – Low-rise, AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., said, “We are confident that demand for low-rise products will continue to grow constantly. Our confidence is supported by the first seven months of the year, the company posted total presales of Bht 24,060 million. Low-rise presales account for Bht 14,000 million, a weekly average of Bht 451 million, which was far better than protected growth. It reflects the confidence consumers have in AP’s products and services. We are ready to go all the way in the second half of the year with a strategy to do a long battle under our ‘AP WORLD’ corporate vision as we seek to build a new standard of good quality of life to further reinforce our industry leadership. Our job is to develop and deliver quality products that meet the needs of people in every stage of life. We are increasing our competitiveness in the industry by completing our product portfolio with the launch of ‘THE SONNE Srinakarin-Bangna’. This new brand is setting a new standard for luxury duplex home. With THE SONNE, we seek to fulfill the needs of new-generation families looking for a unique luxury home with more functional space.”

“At present, AP’s low-rise portfolio consists of 6 brands covering every lifestyle trend of our customers in 2 main categories: (1) single detached home products under brands THE PALAZZO, CLASSE, THE CITY and CENTRO. We seek to meet the lifestyle needs of ‘Serene Wellness’ seekers with these brands. They are large families with 2-3 age groups. What they want is a large, spacious home complete with facilities and green areas for family member to carry out activities together; (2) townhome products under brands BAAN KLANG MUANG and PLENO. Our townhome products seek to meet the needs of customers in the ‘Dreamolutioner Group’. They are new-generation people who are starting to build their own family. They look for modern space, value in functionality, easy maintenance and convenient access to the city,” Mr. Pamorn added.

However, in our study of the fast-changing urban lifestyle, we found a new group customers who share the same lifestyle. They prefer products or services that reflect who they are – something specific to themselves. We call this group of people ‘Uniqueness’. When it comes to buying a house from a housing project, the first question they raise is “Why houses in your project have to look the same?” For the Uniqueness, home is a symbol that reflects who you are in society. We use unmet needs of the Uniqueness to develop a unique product and integrates our expertise in low-rise functional space design of a single detached home into townhome’s vertical dimension. The result is a luxury duplex home under ‘THE SONNE’ brand. The first project to be unveiled is ‘THE SONNE Srinakarin-Bangna’. It is a luxury flagship development designed under ‘The New Original’ concept.

‘THE SONNE Srinakarin-Bangna’ is a luxury flagship project built to deliver extraordinary living experience and quality of life. Designed with ‘The New Original’ concept, it highlights 4 aspects of superlatives: 1. Classic Architectural Details. Superlative is its integration of classic architectural inspiration into present-day modernity. The final result is a 3-storey super luxury home with timeless beauty. 2. Multi-Façade Design with Triple Layer Ventilation. Superlative is that all the residences are designed to have different identities of beauty and luxury. The strength of horizontal space design in single detached house which offers extraordinary space aesthetics is perfectly integrated into the modernity and value of townhome’s vertical timeless design. The result is better living quality together with the aesthetics and special experience from passing wind and sunlight. 3. Inclusive Design Approach. Superlative is the universal design of space to ensure unobstructed access by all – young children, the elderly or wheelchair users. Each residence comes with a ramp for wheelchair and a step-free floor on the ground floor, a garden linked to the elderly’s private room, a 1.38 wide door to support wheelchair use and a bathroom with no staircase, among others. 4. The New Tomorrow Security. The ultimate security innovation of the future is channeled into real living in the form of ‘KATSAN’ which acts as personal guardian to screen visitors and look after every security aspect for 24/7 peace of mind.

“THE SONNE Srinakarin-Bangna belongs to AP’s new low-rise portfolio of luxury duplex home products. It targets new-generation upscale urban families aged 30-45 who are looking for a home with unique beauty that supports co-living of ‘Cross-Generations’. We are confident that THE SONNE will be well accepted,” Mr. Pamorn concluded.

THE SONNE Srinakarin-Bangna’ offers the best location right in the centre of modernity in the Srinakarin-Bangna area, known to be a direct access point to Thailand’s new business district and new economic zone surrounded with abundance and a complete range of facilities e.g. a large lifestyle mall, accessibility by all modes of commute to the city centre through Srinakarin, Bangna-Trad and Onnut Roads offering links to Bangkok’s CBDs on Sukhumvit and Rama 9 Roads, proximity to the Yellow Line BTS system (Ladprao-Samrong) and main outbound route to the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and major tourist destinations, including the Suvarnabhumi Airport. It also offers peace and privacy away from city chaos as it surrounds by natural greenery like Suan Luang Rama IX.

‘THE SONNE Srinakarin-Bangna’ is the first luxury duplex home which will set a new standard of living quality and aesthetics. This flagship luxury development is exclusively available to only 56 families. Every square inch of functional space inside is designed to meet the lifestyle needs of every stage of life, from small children to the elderly, to promote good family relationships and create new everyday inspirations. Built on an area ranging from 40-73 square wah, the super luxury 3-storey duplex home offers up to 249 square metres of functional areas, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a reception area, a dining room, a kitchen, a family living room and parking for 2 together with a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a public park, a rooftop bar and green areas where all generations of the family can spend time together. Prices start from Bht 12-15 million. Official sale opening is scheduled for 7-8 September at the project’s sale office.